Established June 8, 2006


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Here is what I started with. All but one spring was rusted and broken apart. The jeep was sitting on its axels. It looks like junk but people like me can see the potential. Not bad for 800 bucks.


Here is after Joe and I replaced the springs and brought it to my house.


Well, I painted the jeep and overhauled it to get it running and drove it around for several months untill it threw a rod. Here just the grill and windshield are left to paint. In June 2005 it threw a rod and I began the long task of a total restoration.


After the jeep threw a rod, I started the "Body off restoration." Basically I took the body off to totally restore the entire jeep from the ground up to new condition.


This is after Jerry, Louie, Brian and I took the body tub off. Thats all thats under the body on a jeep. My Bro in Law  Mike is holding his daughter Julia while my other bro in law Louie ties off the hoist, and yes the engine, trany, and trasfercase are suspened in the air.


Here is the Chassis after sand blasting and painting.


Here is me degreasing the engine in my driveway. My Dodge M37 is in the back ground.


Here the engine is rebuilt and bolted back to the transmission and the transfercase and set back into the painted chassis of the Jeep.


Here is the body being primed in my yard. (Getting really close.)


Here the Jeep is starting to take shape. The body Tub has been mounted on the chassis and is painted green underneath and inside, but the primer on the outside hasn't been sanded for final paint yet.


Here the Jeep is really looking like a Jeep.


Here it is all finished with the antenna and machine gun mount all ready for Rat Patrol!