Updated January 1, 2020

Welcome, and thanks for viewing the custom products I produce for our hobby.

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Model R.R. products I make

HOn3 products
I no longer produce the products shown here.  They are for refereance only.  The building kits can be sourced from our liscensee Grand Central Gems.


EBT Hopper Coal Loads for Blackstone Hoppers

Sits on top of the car, the interior braces stay in place, no modifications to the hopper.

$5 pair $6 shipping


Lifts out with a magnet like all my products.

EBT Gannister Rock Loads for Blackstone Hopper cars

Sits on top of the car, the braces inside stay in place, no modifications to the hopper.

$5 pair $6 shipping


Ore load for Blackstone High Side Gondola

One pair $8.00 6 shipping in US.


HOn3 Ore load for Blackstone high side gondolas
Produced in Brown color. Shades will vary
Litfs out with a magnet

2 loads $8.00   $6 shipping in US.
They lift out easily with a magnet. Weight is approx 1.2 ounces or 34 grams

Anthracite coal loads for the Blackstone High Side Gondola.
As seen shipped through Gunnison from the Crested Butte coal mines.
Now cast hollow for less weight. Still lifts out with a magnet.
One pair $7.75 plus $6 shipping.


Coal load for Blackstone Drop Bottom Gondola
Sold packs of 3, one of each style.  Now cast hollow for less weight.  $12.75 plus $6 shipping


Coal loads drop into the Blackstone Drop Bottom Gonolas at an angle under the foot board at the brake wheel end. They lift out with a magnet from the hump at the opposite end. 


Damaged gon from prototype master load making. This one will have to be turned into a wreck.  The process went really bad, the entire underside got covered with liquid plastic.

O scale, On30, On3, 1/4"1:48 products

On30 20ft Flat car, wood deck, less couplers
Ready to accept KD or other couplers

On30 Flat car RTR with wood deck $25.00 +$5 shipping

On30 20ft plastic frame kit as pictured

On30 Frame kit with needle beams and stirrup steps, cast in pockets for KD or other couplers.  $10.00 + $5 shipping in US

Honeywell Saloon, White Hills AZ 1927 O 1/4" scale

Comming Soon!  O scale Honeywell Saloon urethane kit.  $65.00

O 1/4" scale 1:48

Urethane kit. paper signs not included

O 1/4" scale 1:48
O 1/4" Scale 1:48

I dont always have these items in stock.  I try to keep a few on hand, but if I get backed up or large orders, it will take me a couple weeks to make up more.
I appreciate your patience.

To purchase email for a quote or paypal to Killroy321@hotmail.com