Shelter Carrier Trucks

These trucks are not owned by me. They are not mine.

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Vintage Military Shetler Carriers

Looking over these pictures, note the Forest Green paint that looks like CARC. Of course its not CARC since that didnt exsist in Nam. I fianally figgured it out. My GRC-122 rig came with a Depot level TM for shelter repair and it specifies that the S-318 and S-250 must be painted with a sun relective Forest Green paint, not FS-24087 Semi Gloss Olive Drab, (as was the standard tactical paint at the time), it also states that during repair other shelters could be painted Forest Green, but its not necessary.


Now this is a GRC-142 TTY rig S-318 Shelter in an M37, notice the top and windsheild are down. This was taken during Vietnam.


This is a Public Adress unit in an S-318 shelther of the 245th PSY OPs unit in Vietnam. From the tone of the B&W image it appears that the shelter is Forest Green and the truck is standard Semi Gloss OD.


This truck was listed as a Photo Processing Lab. Its obviously an S-138 shelter in special Forest Green paint, but notice the really cool Gypsy rack full of jerry cans on the back. The Pioneer tool rack has even been relocated to the gypsy rack. Cool huh!


I know noting about this truck other than what I can deduce from looking at it.  It has a GRC-144 Shelter, (the smaller type, note the troop seats are still in the truck) it is also the special Forest Green color. Im willing to bet that it contains a single GRC-106 radio as well.


For my  Devil Dog friends, here are two pics of a USMC truck. Notice how small the shelter is, its the same height as the cab.  That was so it could hide under the canvas cargo cover in back and be "Under Cover" Litterally.


I think is picture is really cool. Its the same truck as left, but its in the field with its antenna set up, stateside of course because of the POV behind it.  Its very rare to find a vintage picture of a comm truck set up in the field. Those appear to be directional VHF antennas.

Civialian owned shelter carriers.


This is an M37B1 with an S-144 shelter, that most likely contained a GRC-106 or GRC-19, the other antennas are VHF and are likely for some combination of the RT-67,68,69. Or the owner just added them to look cooler.


This graphic is really cool. I cant believe I found it. Too bad its a rear view, but its defineately an S-89 shelter like mine, because of the windows and the door.  Notice the cargo cover bows are extended higher to cover the shelter.  I feel this little graphic was a real score.


This M37 is still a comm truck. It belogns to Patrica Gibbons, WA6UBE.  I belive the shelter is an S-144 model.


Her site can beviewed here, along with the gear that is inside.

Tactical-Link WA6UBE


This is my friend Eric's M37 Shelter truck. He is carrying a rare USMC variant.


This USMC Shelter is an S-152 and it originally housed an MRC-60 radio set, which I believe was an early microwave system.  He has converted the inside to a camper but still has the massive radio set in his storage.

More to come..... eventually.

I think I will ad a section on modern shelter carriers here.


This comm truck is the one I work on.  Its for emergencies and called IC4U which stands for Incendent Commanders Command Controll Communications Unit.  We have internet via Satalite, IP controlled observaion camera, we can project Wifi for a long distance, a bank of 12 radios that can cross band for interoperability.  FRS CB Fire Police EMS Military, you name it we got it, except HF, only one of the 7 trucks in California has HF.


I dont know whats in this truck but I like the shelter thats on it.