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PRC-174 suff

PRC-174 Battery plugs
Alot of people have the PRC-174 radio but I have heard that most have not been able to come up wit a suitable plug for the battery connector.
This is an RC car battery connector that I used.  The side with the female pins so that it plugs right onto the bottom of the raido.


This is how the plug plugs onto the radio power connector. Note polarity!


Package of two plugs from electronics store, nuff said.


Side view of plug


Top view of plug


Here is the important part, once you build the plug, nip the tip off the end of if with a hobby knife or razor saw so that the female pins are just a hair inside the end of the plug. 

This ensures maximum mating and strength to plug onto the PRC-174 plug.   Photo is of stock plug and cut down plug side by side.


Radio Shack also carries the RC Car battery plugs.